Our Production Process – Tool Room

With acceptable tolerances in millimetres’ a ‘she’ll be right attitude’ doesn’t cut it for our tool room.   

When a profile is confirmed our tool room operator then shapes knives for our planer machines, with up to eight individual knives per head and up to seven heads being used at any time to gain the desired finish with a single pass.  

The knives are made from knife steel, it has to be extremely strong as these can spin up to 6,500 RPM. 

With over 29 years experience, there isn’t much Wopper hasn’t created knives for, with an uncanny eye for detail for example we are able to create knives to match the cladding on a 100 year old villa, making an extension seamlessly match the existing (sometimes without physically seeing a sample of what we’re matching to)   

So if you need a custom weatherboard or you’re keen to be part of the team that makes it, get in touch with us today.