Welcome to the next stage of our production process where we treat our products or components.   

Why does it need treating you may ask?  

For any of our products destined to be outside, we have to treat the timber to protect it from the weather, pests and decay.  As well as extending the life on some products to a warrantied 15 years.  

How does this work?  

Our onsite treatment plant treats to H3.1 using an LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) system.   

  • Filleted product is fixed to a skid that travels into the treatment vessel.   
  • This is then pulled to a vacuum then flooded with the LOSP solution and brought up to pressure.   
  • The solution then penetrates the timber to the intended rate provided by the operator.   
  • Once complete the product is left to naturally flash off before being painted.  With the use of white spirits rather than water, no redrying is required.  

 What treatments do you have and when would I use them?  

We have a wide range of timber grades and treatments in stock;  

  • Untreated – good for indoor use in dry areas.  
  • H3.1 – good for above-ground outdoor use, must be painted to be weatherproofed.  
  • H3.2 – good for above-ground outdoor use, can be stained or painted.  
  • H4 – good for in-ground outdoor use, can be stained or painted. 

If you are unsure of what treatment you should be using feel free to contact one of our friendly team who will be happy to help you.  

Speaking of our team – we currently have an opening for a treatment plant operator, if you fancy running this machine with a variety of forklift operating and computer work this could be the opportunity for you.   

Get in touch with us to find out more.