Door Jambs

Clelands Timber Products has a comprehensive range of finger-jointed Door jambs.  All manufactured inhouse from untreated New Zealand Radiata Pine by our experienced team.

Available either pre primed or non.

Custom profiles are also manufactured specifically to customers’ requirements – if you have a specific project or profile requirement contact our team today.

Door Jambs

Options Available

All Door jambs are Finger Jointed, untreated and can be pre-primed.

Profile Finished size Length Nominal Profile
J1 114 x 30mm 6.3m 125 x 38mm
J1T 114 x 18mm 6.3m 125 x 25mm
J2 137 x 30mm 6.3m 150 x 38mm
J2T 137 x 18mm 6.3m
150 x 25mm
J4 115 x 30mm 6.3m
125 x 38mm
J4D 112 x 30mm 6.3m
125 x 38mm
J5T 112 x 30mm 6.3m
125 x 38mm
J6 137 x 40mm 6.3m
150 x 50mm
J6T 137 x 30mm 6.3m
150 x 38mm
J9 115 x 18mm 6.3m
125 x 25mm
J9D 112 x 18mm 6.3m
125 x 25mm
J10 92 x 18mm 6.3m 100 x 25mm

Why choose this product?

NZ Made

Responsibly sourced NZ product


Number one choice for NZ's for over 100 years


Made by our experience team and subject to our stringent quality checks

Finish Options

Untreated Pre-primmed

Our primer is a machine coated alkyd oil based primer designed as an adhesion coat for the next coat of paint. This primer does not waterproof the timber but does slow water uptake.

Radiata Pine contains tannin which can cause paint to turn brown. Our primer blocks the migration of the tannin into the paint coating minimising the discolouration of the painted surface.


No paint or treatment.

Grades Available

Finger Jointed

Finger jointing results in much higher quality and stronger pieces and components, while dramatically reducing waste. The two most important advantages of finger jointed lumber are straightness and dimensional stability.