Floor & Panelling

Floor and Panelling

Tongue and groove profiles available;

  • TGV
  • TG
  • Reversable

Options Available

Nominal size Finish Size
100 x 25mm 90 x 18mm
150 x 25mm 135 x 18mm


Preprimed option

Our primer is a machine coated alkyd oil based primer designed as an adhesion coat for the next coat of paint. This primer does not waterproof the timber but does slow water uptake.

Radiata Pine contains tannin which can cause paint to turn brown. Our primer blocks the migration of the tannin into the paint coating minimising the discolouration of the painted surface.

Treatment Types


LOSP H3.1 is an effective preservative designed to provide lasting protection for wood products used in external situations above ground protecting against decay and insects. The timber is treated in finished form which improves its dimensional stability.

This LOSP product comes with a 25 year guarantee against fungal decay and insect attack and is water repellent to reduce general uptake of moisture.

For more detailed information about this process refer to http://www.kopperspc.co.nz/products/protim-optiumum-losp.html

CCA H3.2

CCA H3.2 is a waterborne, Chromated Copper Arsenate preservative system developed to provide long-term protection to wood exposed in exterior applications and is applied to wood by pressure treatment.

The CCA preservative is an effective fungicide and termiticide providing protection from a broad spectrum of decay fungi and wood boring insects.

Grades Available


Our highest quality grade which is ideally suited for uses where a long length clear finish is required.

Due to its light colour and clean appearance, Clears grade requires a minimum of processing to achieve an excellent finish. Knot free on one face and two edges.

Finger Jointed

Finger jointing results in much higher quality and stronger pieces and components, while dramatically reducing waste. The two most important advantages of finger jointed lumber are straightness and dimensional stability.

Dressing Grade

An excellent grade for use where clear boards do not provide enough natural character.

Dressing grade still has fine appearance but features tight knots and small bark or resin pockets along the better face. Excellent recoveries are achievable as this grade can be used in its entirety.

Knots will be live on the best face and less than 1/2 of the width. Cone holes may be present in the occasional piece.