What tools and supplies will I need?   

We’ve specifically designed these products to be easily assembled with limited building/DIY experience or tools.  

For each model and size variant you will need a handful of tools and components;  

Shopping list  

  • A friend – We reckon all our pergolas are a two person build.  
  • Tools 
    • Spirit level 
    • Hammer or Mallet  
    • Impact Driver or Drill 
    • Spanner or Socket set 
    • Spade 
  • Materials/Components not supplied in our Kit Sets that you will need.  
    • In ground installation  
      • XX mm long XX mm Threaded Rod 
      • 4 x Bags of Quick Set Concrete 
    • Above ground installation  
      • 4 x XX mm Bolts,  
      • 4 X Nuts  
      • 4 X Washers  
      • or an alternative fastenings of your choice.  If in doubt the lads and ladies on the fastening isle at your favourite merchant will be able to steer you in the right direction.  
  • Painting equipment – due to the treatment of this product range it does require at least two coats of good quality paint to protect it from the elements and ensure it lasts.   
    • Paint 
    • Brush 
    • Tray 
    • Roller 
    • Stools